I am a 54 year old man and I have always tried to look after myself and feel I look younger than my age. Since turning 50 I have continually felt tired and thought that age had really caught up with me, I went the gym but couldn’t be bothered and was starting to turn down social engagements; I lost my libido and just felt like hibernating. A friend suggested having my blood profile taken as she had heard of male menopause or andropause. I came to Highlife clinic and had an appointment and after answering lots of questions and having a health check by the doctor, I had my blood taken. A received my results very quickly and the doctor advised me that my testosterone was very low and also my growth hormone. I had further tests on my growth hormone and I was diagnosed with Adult Growth Hormone deficiency. I was prescribed progesterone, testosterone and growth hormone and I can only say I feel amazing. I have regular blood tests to monitor me but I have lost weight, look really lean but kind of muscular and have all my energy back. Feel 10 years younger!!

Andrew Quinn 54

I am a 46 year old woman and although I didn’t have any menopause I did suffer from PMT and I wanted to know what was happening with my hormones. I had an examination and blood tests at Highlife and I have to say that I was very impressed by how through the doctor was. When the blood tests came back the doctor explained all the results to me, it was discovered because of my age my progesterone had started to drop which would explain my PMT. I was prescribed a progesterone gel and my PMT has reduced, my skin looks plumper and my hair looks better. The hormone also worked out quite reasonably as it lasts 6 months too.

Helen Townsend 47

When I was young I was into bodybuilding and I stupidly used steroids. I’m 40 now and still train but I don’t want to inject anything that I don’t know where it’s come from and I wanted to know what was going on in my body. I had my blood profile done at Highlife and the results were really interesting. Because of the steroids my body had stopped producing testosterone and my estrogens and cholesterol was high. I was prescribed the hormones and I can honestly say I feel like a switch has been flicked and a light has come on in my head, I feel so much better. Its good to know that I’m putting good stuff into my body and I am monitored to tell whats going on.

Michael 40