Is HGH Safe?

If You Are Considering Using HGH Therapy, Then It's Perfectly Natural to Ask If It It's Safe. The safety of this treatment is of paramount importance to patients, but it is vital to remember that the majority of medicines will have some side effects. Some of these side effects may be small and barely noticeable while others will be more significant. The side effects of using HGH are minimal, and most are due to taking more than the recommended dose. Common side effects can include joint swellings, distended belly, and a slight pain in the hands that's similar to carpal tunnel syndrome. In order to avoid or minimise these side effects it's important to make sure your usage of HGH is supervised by a doctor and that you follow recommended dosages.

Some of the minor effects of taking human growth hormone include feeling soreness in the muscles and having aching joints. It is important that if you are predisposed to any type of disease you consult a doctor prior to taking HGH in order to fully evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using this product.

Some people will find HGH more effective than others, as this can depend on the individual and may vary according to their lifestyle, body structure and physique. Anyone interested in taking HGH should always consult a doctor in order to gain more information about this therapy before actually purchasing it.

Other factors to take into consideration include the time span of the cycle, and the dosage. In theory taking more of human growth hormone for longer should allow you to more effectively reverse the effects of aging. However it also increases the risk of experiencing different side effects so it's important to research the dosage of HGH before lowering or increasing intake.

Make sure you thoroughly research any product you are thinking about buying, and that it has received approval from the appropriate health agencies. Read about the ingredients of the product before you buy to make sure you are purchasing true HGH.

Is Hormone Therapy Safe?

Yes, hormone therapy is safe. There have been many studies carried out into the safety of hormone replacement and HGH, and all of our programmes are fully supervised by a doctor, and you will be medically monitored. We only use brand name hormones including testosterone hormone replacement, HGH and Somatropin, and we'll only prescribe physiological doses. In fact recent clinical studies have shown it could be harmful to have low hormone levels, and seeking treatment to replace deficiencies could be beneficial to health.

Human Growth Hormone has had a bad reputation in the media. Why is that?

Human Growth Hormone is naturally produced by the body, and is important for cell growth, as well as cell regeneration and repair. Its bad reputation is not justified, but has come about due to its overuse by athletes. These athletes often take excessively large doses that can be ten times more than anything that would be prescribed by a doctor. As a result they can develop serious side effects.

Our doctors will only prescribe HGH if tests have shown it to be necessary. This is determined by your symptoms and by your IGF-1 levels. Being deficient in growth hormone can lead to serious health problems, and returning HGH levels to their optimum amount can help you to feel healthier, and to enjoy increased energy levels.

About Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD)

AGHD can be treated with a medically supervised programme using recombinant Human Growth Hormone (HGH/rHGH). The programme can help to improve quality of life on numerous levels, and our doctors are experienced in treating men and women who have symptoms and health issues created by AGHD, as well as the effects of other hormone related health conditions.

It is important to remember a couple of things about HGH therapy, regardless if you have used it before or are contemplating its use for the first time. All good programmes will be based on thorough diagnosis using laboratory tests that will be reviewed by medical professionals. This is vital for addressing the effects of growth hormone deficiencies.

There have been numerous studies carried out into the safety of HGH, and it has been shown that treatment is very safe provided it is properly administered under the guidance of a doctor, and that a proper treatment programme is followed. The benefits of HGH replacement therapy make it very appealing to those interested in improving their health.