Can disease cause a reduction in natural HGH levels?

The decline of HGH can be due to aging, but it can also be acquired or may be genetic. If it is acquired then the most common reasons include a pituitary tumour, having the pituitary gland removed, having a pituitary gland that doesn't function correctly due to disease, or it may be due to radiation, disorders that affect the immune system, and infection.

Do I need any tests before using hGh?

Before you see a doctor, the first step is to have various tests carried out which include blood tests such as testosterone testing, and a GH hormone test. This will help ensure that you receive customised therapy to deal with your issues.

How do I use rHGH?

This will be explained to you during your consultation and your dose will be tailored specifically to your circumstances. It's necessary to administer HGH through intramuscular or subcutaneous injection. It's essential that HGH is stored correctly as it is quite fragile and needs to be protected from heat and light. It should be stored in a cool fridge at between 2°C to 6°C both before and after reconstitution. There are very few brands that can withstand normal room temperatures before they are mixed or reconstituted, and all brands must be stored in a refrigerator once they are reconstituted.

Can HGH be used Strategically as a supplement

Many people take HGH as a general-purpose supplement in order to maintain lean body mass and low body fat. Some will be using HGH as a supplement to assist in continued growth, while others will be using it to heal injuries or as a general health supplement. Here at our clinic we do not prescribe HGH for these purposes and only prescribe it to individual who are deficient in order to re-balance your hormone levels.

What is the effect of different doses of rHGH?

Those using it for general health, anti-aging, fat loss and for healing should find a dose of 2 to 3 IU's per day has a positive impact. For those looking to gain lean muscle and to improve their overall body composition use between 4 to 8 IU's per day. To put this into perspective most people in our clinic will be prescribed a dose of between 1.5 to 3.0 IU's daily, which is considered to be sufficient as a full replacement for those who are middle-aged or older. The exact dose prescribed will vary between individuals and the results of your blood tests.

When is the best time to Use rHGH?

People aged from their late 30s to early 50s should inject HGH in the early morning upon waking. Those aged in their late 50s or older or those who have a pituitary gland that is incapable of normally releasing HGH should inject just before bedtime. These timings are designed to closely mimic the natural pattern that would occur if the pituitary gland was functioning normally.

Can HGH be used for Bodybuilding?

We don't promote the use of HGH as a bodybuilding therapy, even though it has been used in this capacity for years. However we do accept inquiries from patients who require professional guidance for this application or those who require blood profiling and assessment of your natural levels.

How common are side effects with HGH ?

Growth hormone is naturally produced by the body so side effects of HGH treatment are rare unless excessive doses are taken. Any side effects are generally caused through exceeding the recommended dose or taking HGH for longer than recommended. Occasionally HGH may cause hypoglycaemia, carpal tunnel syndrome, breast tissue growth, acromeglia, or it may cause the belly to extend. We monitor all our patients regularly so that we can identify any side effects before they become a serious problem.