Our analytical approach

At The High Life Clinic we specialise in anti- aging medicine, and in treating the whole body, enabling it to function optimally. This means we aim to improve the way you feel through using anti-aging medicines rather than just cosmetically changing your appearance. By treating the body as a whole, we can help you feel and look your best.

Our approach to anti-aging hormone therapy is to first diagnose your suitability for treatment. During a 1 hour appointment we will complete a through medical history questionnaire, have a full clinical examination by our doctor and take a number of essential blood tests. We will inform you about the benefits of proposed treatment, any possible risks and answer any questions that you may have.

It must be noted that in the event that the treatment was not suitable for you we would advise you not to continue with this treatment. This is simply because not everyone is eligible for hormone treatment and that dietary or lifestyle changes can help to solve their problems without medication.

The most important aspect of anti-aging medicine is to investigate the levels and balance of chemical health-indicators and hormones within your body through a series of blood tests.

The exact analysis of your blood sample and range of tests that we prescribe will vary between individuals depending on the results of your medical history and clinical examination. This is something you will discuss with your doctor during your consultation prior to the blood sample being drawn, so the correct tests can be selected for your individual circumstances.

The process for drawing a blood sample is very straightforward and is nothing to be concerned about. The sample is analysed by one of the largest and most reputable medical laboratories in the world. The results of any blood tests are typically reported back to us within a week.

Once we have the results of your blood tests we will discuss these with you during a follow-up consultation. During this consultation we will put together your customised treatment plan, which may include health supplements, hormone replacement treatment and specific vitamins. Each individual will have a plan that is tailored specifically for them based on the analysis of their blood tests and clinical findings. We strongly advise that you see us regularly for follow up tests and health checks during your treatment but this will be discussed with you.

Note that all treatment is carried out on a private basis. Confidentiality and discretion is at the center of our ethos.